Jan 17, 2011

-FUPPETS- Video Of The Day : PRINCE

Today's -FUPPETS- Video Of The Day is in honor of the current NFL playoffs and the upcoming Super Bowl. In 2007, in a driving rainstorm the likes of which had not ever been experienced in a Super Bowl, Prince delivered the best halftime show -FUPPETS- ever saw. Thanks be to Prince. The Super Bowl halftime show is usually the worst part of the entire day. Artists and bands just play these cheesy medleys of their own songs while Prince mixed it up in a great way, drawing from many different types of music and genres to entertain everyone. Prince is a HUGE Minnesota Vikings fanatic and knows what football fans wanna see. I do not think the fucking Black Eyed Peas are gonna do a thing to even come close to Prince's performance. Fuck em with a dead porcupine. The guitar solo on Purple Rain alone blows the entire recorded output of the Black Eyed Peas out of the water.

PRINCE - Super Bowl Medley (Part 1)

PRINCE - Super Bowl Medley (Part 2)

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