Aug 25, 2010

BLAZE The Pot Smoking Deer

Sometimes the state of things in the world around us calls for a dose of insanity. Luckily for -FUPPETS- insanity abounds throughout the intermetanetwebs. Even better is when insanity actually comes knocking, sharing of itself! So it was for -FUPPETS- and the inspired bit of animated madness called Blaze the Pot Smoking Deer.
A fine gentleman and auteur who goes by the moniker atsonicpark is behind Blaze... and recently reminded -FUPPETS- of the trove of weird to be found in his warped cartoons. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is episode 0 (sort of a prologue if you will) of Blaze the Pot Smoking Deer.

Blaze - Episode 0

CLICK HERE to be directed to Blaze's YouTube channel, where you can absorb the other 7 episodes at your leisure.

A chaotic world requires chaotic art. It is only fitting. As the Butthole Surfers once said "In these times of counter-revolution, you're gonna encounter a counter-revolutionary man, OH! Gary Shandling, Gary Shandling, Gary..."

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Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this. it's a co production between adam cooley ( aka atsonicpark and SEAMONSTER3D (