Aug 24, 2010

EYEBORG - The Future is Here!

The image above has not been altered. That is Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence. When he was young, he suffered an accident which left his right eye very damaged. As he grew older doctors told him there was nothing that could be done and they would have to remove it. Being a filmmaker, he decided to get a wireless camera placed into his eye socket, instead of a prosthetic eye.
Read the full story here.
Being a bad-ass, he has also taken to calling himself Eyeborg. Tremendous! -FUPPETS- is very excited.
The first screening of the footage he has put together using his eye cam will be shown in Melbourne Australia's OTHER FILM FESTIVAL, which is a film fest focusing on work by and about disabled people. The organization OtherFilm, which puts the festival together, is "a collective based in Brisbane, Australia, dedicated to avant-garde, experimental, abstract, expanded and other film."

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