Jan 11, 2011

A LIFETIME OF MUSIC 1973-2011 (Part 10)

1982. More and more homes around the USA were getting cable television, and with it MTV. At that time MTV was as white-bread as any other media outlet, barely showing any Hispanic or African-American bands. This allowed what was and still is a fringe music, Heavy Metal, to take over the MTV airwaves. Metal bands provided visually stimulating, although oftentimes moronic, videos of their bombastic songs. Iron Maiden, one of the giants of double-barrel guitar twaddle were tearing it up with their second singer, Bruce Dickinson. Judas Priest was blasting their loud rock to the world with an all-time classic. Ozzy Osborne had left Black Sabbath and hooked up with a tiny dynamo called Randy Rhoads who rocked but died too soon. Meanwhile, funk-master supreme Rick James was doing his thing at the height of his funky powers.

IRON MAIDEN - Run To The Hills

JUDAS PRIEST - Breaking The Law

OZZY OSBORNE - Flying High Again

RICK JAMES - Mary Jane

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