Jan 18, 2011

A LIFETIME OF MUSIC 1973-2011 (Part 11)

1983. A decade into existence. The musical landscape is forever changing. Sounds disappear and sounds reappear, often in new strange guises. A young group in the UK was beginning their path to indie rock immortality, for THE SMITHS are truly immortal. A tiny Brit with a voice like Odin himself, RONNIE JAMES DIO penned an anthem to loneliness that actually rocked harder than anything he had done with Black Sabbath. Frank Zappa's band hooks up with a blonde from the future and helps MISSING PERSONS craft a sound that would be stolen by hordes of New Wave wanna-be bands. (Imagine if Gwen Stefani could actually sing and had original ideas). REM fired the opening salvo in their subtle yet passionate assault on the ears of the world. Other bands had their own way to do things, and POISON IDEA influenced many that would come afterwards. Meanwhile, -FUPPETS- House Band, SONIC YOUTH, was showing us how the city is a natural scape, and doing so with the severe chaos that only they are capable of.

THE SMITHS - Accept Yourself

RONNIE JAMES DIO - Rainbow In The Dark


REM - Carnival of Sorts

POISON IDEA - Marked For Life

SONIC YOUTH - Making The Nature Scene

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