Feb 16, 2010

-FUPPETS- Already Misses Mai's Vietnamese Restaurant

In the middle of one of the busiest days in recent memory, -FUPPETS- received word yesterday that a favorite late-night eatery, Mai's Vietnamese Restaurant, was engulfed in flames. Sad to say, the story was not false. Here is a small article about the fire from the Houston Chronicle.
Mai's restaurant has always been a destination for people who wanted delicious food at affordable prices, and their Vietnamese egg rolls were the fucking greatest in town. The fact that Mai's opened until 3:00 AM was a decided plus, for the decadent late-night, post-party, post-club crowd.
-FUPPETS- was a regular there, on any cold and rainy day, for the life-enriching beef Pho' they served at Mai's. It truly made one feel amazing.
Here is a video detailing the fire. Hopefully the insurance comes through and Mai's can return better than ever. -FUPPETS- also hopes that the beautiful aquariums and fish inside survived the fire, and that the gorgeous front doors did not suffer too much damage.

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