Feb 11, 2010

-FUPPETS- Video Of The Day: Train Meets Bus

Here in Houston, there have been quite a number of collisions involving the light rail system. Sometimes the train hits a pedestrian, sometimes a cyclist, and sometimes a motor vehicle. Well, earlier this week, the Metro Light Rail hit a Metro bus as the bus was crossing Main Street in downtown Houston, Texas.
It turns out to be the bus driver's fault. not only did he casually run a red light as a train was oncoming, but the driver has been cited in the past several times for doing the same thing! What a moron. This time, the bus was taken out! Enjoy the footage below, which contains closed-circuit video from the outside and the inside of the train. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt.
-FUPPETS- cannot imagine the chaos that must have ensued inside that train after the collision!

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