Feb 19, 2010

-FUPPETS- Loves Reading & Science

-FUPPETS- loves science. That is obvious to see by anyone perusing the contents of this corner of the metaweb wasteland. In a world where there are currently more researchers doing more scientific research than in all previous human history combined, the rate of advancement is such that even the big stories and big discoveries are rarely given the type of dissemination they deserve. There are just too many unimportant and pointless subjects for the "news" to cover.
-FUPPETS- thinks that people are only going to be as smart as is expected of them, and if people are only expected to be able to show up to work, make a paycheck, and spend it somewhere, then this whole human endeavor is pointless. Hopefully people around the world are ignoring the "American" way of living, and instead focus on self-improvement and self-realization. The USA is already chock full of proudly ignorant reactionary morons, and every day more are born and created. This is not an innocent by-product of American media and values. It is a concerted effort by the few who have the power and who make the money when the many spend it. They want you to be stupid. They want you more worried about Tiger Wood's dick and it's many dalliances than about the coup d'├ętat in Niger, Africa, or the fact that the USA Government has begun a new campaign of bombing civilian targets in Afghanistan. Avoid the distractions. They are meant to keep you stupid and quiet.
-FUPPETS- wants all of you to pay close attention to what you read and hear and see, for that is the only way to process the appropriate information, and ignore the mass of BULLSHIT that passes itself off as "information" in today's media. If you like science then check these following articles out and scope the cutting edge. The first article deals with what are a very recent discovery, particle jets shooting out from galactic centers and massive black holes at near-light speed.

Particle Jets Stream From Black Holes Differently Than What Was Previously Thought - ( Science Daily )

The second article details an experiment using laser light which continues to provide irrefutable proof that Einstein's General Theory of Relativity is the most accurate description we humans have for the workings of the Universe. The experiment describes how exact Einstein was in his statement that time flows more slowly the faster that one is traveling, or the greater the gravitational pull.

Atom Interferometer Provides Most Precise Test Yet of Einstein's Gravitational Redshift - ( Science Daily )

With the Space Shuttle Endeavour expected to un-dock from the International Space Station on Friday, sky watchers over southern Canada and most of the USA will be able to glimpse the two orbiting objects in the night sky. The article describes the optimum viewing times.

Spot the Space Station and The Shuttle Together - ( Joe Rao - MSNBC )

80 years ago on this very day, 23 year old Clyde William Tombaugh discovered Pluto. What a sad tale those 80 years have been for what was once the smallest planet.

The 80th Anniversary of An Underdog named Pluto - ( Megan Brescini - OC Weekly )

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