Sep 4, 2009

-FUPPETS- Labor Day Soundtrack

This weekend marks the un-official end of summer and -FUPPETS- is oh so glad. Labor day is an interesting holiday. It began in Canada, during the fight for a proper work day of 9 hours along with a Printer's strike. It originally was marked by parades in Canada commemorating their achievement of a 9 hour workday, and was brought over to the U.S.A. by an American Labor leader named Peter J. Maguire.
The first celebration in the US occurred on September 5, 1888. In 1894, a work-stoppage known as the Pullman Strike was brutally cut down by US soldiers and US Marshalls who were responsible for a number of deaths. President Grover Cleveland was scared shitless at the uproar of this completely unconstitutional offense so he pushed through a Labor Day Act in Congress which was passed unanimously just 6 days after the end of the Pullman Strike.
Due to this, the USA celebrates organized Labor and Unions on labor Day instead of the international May Day (or International Worker's Day) holiday. Grover Cleveland was a pussy bitch.


Soooo, nowadays, we in the USA do not hear about organized Labor and Unions on Labor Day. Instead we hear about cook-outs, and Labor Day sales, and all sorts of meaningless bullshit. Oh well. Trying to slow down the increasingly speedier slide of the American intellect into a morass of ignorance and self-obsession is a fight we will not go into here. Instead, -FUPPETS- is glad to bring you a selection of fabulous "classics" for your enjoyment.

SEBADOH - Beauty Of The Ride

MORPHINE - Honey White


FUGAZI - Shut The Door

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