Apr 14, 2009

Late Night Thoughts

a universe of mass expands, ("Big Bang")irregularities begin to form matter coalesces into clumps eventually resulting in the various galaxies we see as local gravitation centers create these "clumps" they also create spaces of empty void.originally, gravity would slow down expansion of Universe quite aggressively, but if gravity decreases as the SQUARE of the distance there would have to be a moment in the Universe's expansion when, as the clumps are separating themselves
from each other with ever-increasing voids, the collective Universal gravitational pull would decrease ever
faster allowing for the continuing burst of the expansion to have ever more power in the "outward" manner as the
gravity of the whole has in the "inward" manner. would this explain why the universe appears to us now, 15-18 BILLION years (at least) later to be steadily
increasing in it's rate of expansion from our local point of view? does this make sense.

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