Jul 17, 2011

-FUPPETS- Video Of The Day: fIREHOSE

-FUPPETS- has been looking back at the musical past. fIREHOSE, and specifically the LIVE TOTEM POLE E.P. , were mindblowing. -FUPPETS- owes a debt of gratitude eternally to the one and only Hinstigator, Heath Hayner, for turning -FUPPETS- onto this E.P. with his incessant playing of it!

The E.P. is a collection of various songs that fIREHOSE would cover live, from Wire to Blue Oyster Cult to Public Enemy to the Butthole Surfers. There are also a couple of Watt originals. Here for your ear's pleasure are the Wire and the P.E. covers.

fIREHOSE - Mannequin

fIREHOSE - Sophisticated Bitch

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heath said...

Roberto, you are a genius, and I am privileged to be on Fuppets!!!