Jul 20, 2011

-FUPPETS- thinks Microsoft Points are full of SUX

Does this pricing structure make any sense to anyone? It seems reversed.
Look carefully at the pricing.

One can pay $4.99 for 400 Microsoft Points (MSP). If one desires double that amount, 800 MSP, then you pay $9.99 for them. How is that a deal? Buying the smallest package twice would come out to $9.98, saving 1 cent. But what if one desired four times the MSP? That costs $19.99, whereas purchasing the small package four times would total $19.96! How is it they are charging MORE when one purchases in bulk?
The discrepancy gets worse the more MSP that are bought. It may seem like nothing at all but it is a subtle rip-off that, over time and with the many millions of XBOX Live Users who are required to purchase and spend these MSP, earns Microsoft a ton of money. What a load of bullshit. In every other form of marketplace, whether real or virtual, the more of anything that is purchased the lower the individual price becomes. Not with this XBOX Live bullshit. They want you to feel those pennies are not worth the hassle of multiple small purchases. It is a soft-tactic but an extremely effective one.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed, that's some garbage