Sep 24, 2010

-FUPPETS- Ruminates

The world is a very strange place, full of surprises and horrors, sometimes both in the same package. People are easily coerced by those who seek to use them for their personal gain. Pointing out the obvious differences between people as some form of determinant of worth is the single stupidest thing humanity can do. Each and every human on this planet is directly related to every other single human. In fact, the biggest lesson of evolutionary biology and genetic science is that every single bit of life on this planet, from the lowly human to the beautiful and grandiose amoeba, is part of one large extended family, a family whose roots run back BILLIONS of years.
-FUPPETS- has always maintained that race is a social construct, and means nothing at all in the real world of biology. The arbitrary coloring on one's skin, or of one's hair, or the arbitrary shape of one's lips, nose, and eyes, are purely products of chance. Understand this. When you see someone different, you are choosing to set them apart from you. What makes you so special? You are definitely NOT. You are one human among 6-7 BILLION humans, all with the same urges, needs, desires, and sorrows. Do you get it? Spend time accepting the differences, not pointing them out for ridicule. It is a sad shame that so many of our elected representatives use these differences to scare us into voting for them, instead of the "other." It just shows what they really care about, which is themselves and their positions of power.

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