May 25, 2010

-FUPPETS- For Readers XLI

-FUPPETS- just cannot get enough information/data/input. It is never enough. Knowledge is a powerful thing. A little of it can go to one's head, causing a rigidity in thinking where a person feels that since they know something about a specific topic, that means they know something about every topic. That is just not so. A lot of knowledge usually results in a person understanding exactly how little they do know and how much is still out there left to learn! It is a strange paradox. The powers that be just love to feed their subservient sheep just enough knowledge to crystallize their brains, but not enough for them to develop a skeptical world-view capable of critical thinking. This makes the sheep easy to control, for they will not question anything, since they think they know everything already. It is the oldest trick in the book, used by organized cults (currently referred to as "religions", "political parties", "public schools", etc.) throughout human existence, in order to control their subjects. There is only one way to fight this tyranny, and that is through the constant and steady input of new thoughts and ideas and words into your brainwashed head. This is not always an easy and pleasant thing, although the results often are. One has to be open to ideas which seem to counter one's own. One has to develop a critical mind. These are the true hallmarks of a HUMAN BEING. -FUPPETS- wishes you luck. CLIMATEGATE: How the science of global warming was compromised. - ( Alex Bojanowski - Spiegel Online ) THE NEW WAR BETWEEN SCIENCE AND RELIGION: The new war pits those who argue that science and "moderate" forms of religion are compatible worldviews against those who think they are not. - ( Mano Singham - The Chronicle of Higher Education ) HOW CHILDHOOD HAS EVOLVED: The notion that the first three years of childhood deeply shape the remainder of life is seductive, but, is it true? - ( Melvin Konner - The Chronicle of Higher Education ) BLACK, BROWN, & BEIGE: Duke Ellington's music and race in America. - ( Claudia Roth Pierpont - The New Yorker ) WHALING THE OLD WAY - ( James Williford - Humanities ) ARE U.S. MUSEUMS HEIST-PROOF? - ( Jacqueline Trescott & Dan Zak - Washington Post ) BABYLON & BEYOND: Baghdad mosque breaks with Islamic tradition to display religious paintings. - ( Usama Redha & Meris Lutz - The Los Angeles Times )

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