Jan 20, 2010


-FUPPETS- loves science. Everyone knows this. -FUPPETS- loves how a seemingly simple method of gathering data about the universe around us has expanded the human potential to unfathomable reaches. The times humanity is currently living through are the most expansive, exploratory, scientifically rich times in the history of our species. There are more scientists exploring more subjects and gathering more data than at any point in our existence.
One of the fields in which our knowledge is expanding near-exponentially is the field of Astronomy. This may be the oldest field of human exploration, for all that was needed of our ancient ancestors was a pair of good eyes, and the time to gaze up at the heavens.

The good people over at the American Museum of Natural History have pondered the question, "What if we could travel the entire known Universe?" They have used all the data at their disposal to create this amazing animated movie. Not only does this accurately recreate a trip through our Universe, all the way to what is now seen as the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, but everything is set to scale, as close as our best scientific data can surmise.

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