Jan 22, 2010

-FUPPETS- Honors Friday with RAWK Veneration

-FUPPETS- lives for the weekend, and Friday is the final day of drudgery and bullshit before the big payoff.
Today's veneration begins with one of the most explosive and fabulous album opener of the past twenty years, AT THE DRIVE IN's Arcarsenal, from their LP Relationship Of Command.

AT THE DRIVE IN - Arcarsenal

The reading today comes the book of UNSANE. Here to show us what pain we put ourselves through to enjoy our lives, is their classic clip Scrape.

UNSANE - Scrape

The Sermon for this Friday is presented by the one and only High Pope of Discord, Mr. Gibby Haynes and his troupe, the Butthole Surfers, who ask the eternal question that has been plaguing mankind since the dawn of time, "Who Was In My Room Last Night?"

The BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Who Was In My Room Last Night?

Notice how the Most High Gibby Haynes does not provide answers. He just slams the question into your head. After we pass the collection plate we now begin the final blessing with which we will face the oncoming weekend of debauchery. This one comes from the warped fellas known as MR. BUNGLE. What are they trying to tell us? Your guess is as good as -FUPPETS-. This song was originally titled "Travolta" but that asshole threatened to sue Mr. Bungle and so they had to change the name. -FUPPETS- does not fear the puny wrath of the Scientologists.

MR. BUNGLE - Travolta

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