Jan 18, 2010


What is the single most important skill that a student can learn in school? If there could only be one skill taught to the schoolchildren of the world, it should be the skill of critical READING. This is more than just deciphering the meaning of the written/typed/printed symbols on the page/screen in front of one's face. This is the actual ability to read and understand not only the surface but the context and the subtext of what it is one is reading. Nothing exists in a vacuum, and all information aids and complements every other bit of information that one's brain sucks up in one's lifetime. For the thirty-second time, -FUPPETS- brings you something to practice with. INDIA'S SACRED EXTREMES: How the poor and the pious of modern India find salvation in 'a great open air lunatic asylum for the divinely mad' - ( Wendy Doniger - Times Online ) INFORMATION OVERLOAD: The Dangers of a High Information Diet - ( Paul Parsons - The New Scientist ) WHY ARE PROFESSORS PERCEIVED AS LIBERAL?: "Professor" is a Label That Leans to the Left - ( Patricia Cohen - The New York Times ) MOSCOW'S STRAY DOGS - ( Susanne Sternthal - Financial Times ) BEYOND BOUNDARIES: The pluralism and diversity that has defined spiritual life on the Indian subcontinent for centuries continues to transcend the divisive politics of religion and preserve the possibilities of coexistence - ( Pankaj Mishra - The National ) HOW SOON WAS NOW?: The Demise and Rebirth of the Polaroid Instant Camera - ( Barry Schwabsky - The Nation )

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