Jul 16, 2009

NO SETLIST: Pieces of a Sonic Life

From the mind of one Jenn "The Benn" Benningfield, comes the ultimate Sonic Youth fanatic's dream. NO SETLIST: Pieces of A Sonic Life is available for order now. -FUPPETS- Highly recommends this.

What do you do when you see your favorite band perform live 40 times over 11 years? If you're an aspiring author like Jenn Benningfield, you write a book about it. No Setlist is not just a compilation of Sonic Youth concert reviews covering the time period May 1998 to May 2009. It is more than anything else an unabashed love story--of the creative spirit, of friends, of discoveries, of life. Aided and abetted by 44 pages of tremendous color photos (some personal, most shots from select concerts), these journals immerse you into the experience of countless miles on the bus or plane, exploring the sights, and meeting numerous other Sonic Youth fans at home and abroad. No Setlist is a must-have for not only Sonic Youth fans, but also anyone seeking to understand the unique mindset of that beautiful beast, the "hardcore fan."

Here is the website for ordering, http://www.nosetlist.blogspot.com/ and to look at images of the book itself. The links to the images are towards the bottom, as well as the ordering information.
NO SET LIST: Pieces of A Sonic Life is a labor of love, and we should all be thankful someone goes to all this trouble to entertain us so thoroughly. -FUPPETS- is worthy!