Jul 22, 2009

-FUPPETS- For Readers XXIV

There are 24 hours in a day. You may sleep 7-8 of those hours away. You may be going to and at work for ten of those hours. -FUPPETS- would venture one spends an hour of the day in the toilet, rocking dooks or bathing or brushing one's teeth. Add another two hours for the several meals throughout the day and you have three hours left. Of course some people combine these tasks, or neglect them altogether, but that still leaves you with three hours which you could use to enjoy fine television programming, or maybe exercises of some sort. You know how trainers tell you that if you do not use your muscles you lose them? It is true. They atrophy and they weaken. The exact same thing goes for your mind. If all you do is feed it stupid YouTube clips, or inane TMZ blather, or whatever the talking heads on the "news" channels are spouting off about, you will atrophy your brain. You will lose the ability to think for yourself, to think critically about yourself and issues which matter to you. All you will do is spout back whatever crap you have been stuffing into your pathetic head. For this reason, -FUPPETS- brings you -FUPPETS- For Readers XXIV.

What’s a Culture Snob to Do?: Pity the culture snob, as Kindles, iPods, and flash drives swallow up the visible markers of superior taste and intelligence. With the digitization of books, music, and movies, how will the highbrow distinguish him- or herself from the masses? - ( James Wolcott - Vanity Fair )

Let's Bring Back The Concept of Duty - ( Charles Murray - The Enterprise Blog )

Why is There Peace?: Violence is declining, argues psychologist Steven Pinker. What are we doing right? - ( Steven Pinker - Greater Good Magazine )

Disorderly Genius: How Chaos Drives The Brain - ( David Robson - New Scientist )

Good Books?: What can humanist parents use in the battle against religious indoctrination? - ( Danny Postel - New Humanist )

Get Smarter: Pandemics. Global warming. Food shortages. No more fossil fuels. What are humans to do? The same thing the species has done before: evolve to meet the challenge. But this time we don’t have to rely on natural evolution to make us smart enough to survive. We can do it ourselves, right now, by harnessing technology and pharmacology to boost our intelligence. Is Google actually making us smarter? - ( Jamais Cascio - The Atlantic )

One Giant Leap To Nowhere: What happened after the Moon Landings? - ( Tom Wolfe - The New York Times )

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