Jul 2, 2009

-FUPPETS- Looks Forward to Independence Day

-FUPPETS- always holds the 4th of July holiday most dear. It is a secular holiday, and one that actually commemorates a truly important moment in the United States' history. July 4th was designated as the holiday for it was on this day that the Declaration of Independence was sent to the printers. That first issuing of the text is called the Dunlap Broadside, named after John Dunlap of Philadelphia, the print maker in charge. Yale University's copy of the Dunlap Broadside can be seen here. If you notice, it contains the full text of the Declaration of Independence, and it is signed by the President of the Congress, John Hancock, (yes, that John Hancock.)
The famous copy that is on view at the National Archives is the painstakingly hand-written one that was written sometime after July 19th and signed by the delegates present on August 2, 1776. This is called the Engrossed Copy, and an 1836 facsimile can be seen in full, HERE.

The original Engrossed Copy, badly faded, can be seen HERE.

It is from this bad mo-fucka that our nation sprung forth into the world. On Saturday we celebrate the LIBERTY which was hard-fought for in the Revolutionary War, in which the mighty British Empire was ass-whupped and monkey-stomped into submission. So, as you light sparklers and watch fireworks on the 4th, as you eat too much and drink too much, please remember that the Liberty we currently enjoy was brought about by some ballsy dudes in Philadelphia, 233 years ago.
Then, after remembering why it is we have a day off from work, continue about your business, like the -FUPPETS- -FANATIC- below. Happy Independence day everyone!

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