Mar 5, 2009

Saturn and It's G-Ring

Saturn may be the most beautiful planet in our Solar System. Even though we now know that it is not the sole ringed planet (Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune are also ringed), it does have the most visually spectacular rings of any planet we yet know of. These rings have been studied in depth recently, to try and determine what constitutes them and how they came to be.
One of the rings, the G Ring, is a very thin, bright ring, and the outermost of all the rings. Scientists have found, orbiting Saturn within this bright G Ring, that there is a tiny moonlet, which is likely the source of the G Ring's particle matter. NASA's Cassini spacecraft has already found two other moonlets embedded in various Saturnian rings. Click the image below to enlarge.

It is a great joy to -FUPPETS- to know that, even with all the information we have gathered about our Solar System, there is still so much to learn and discover. Ahh to have one's consciousness uploaded onto some sort of permanent hard-drive and then installed into a state-of-the-art, self-repairing cyborg body. That would allow for individual interstellar travel without the use of spacecraft or spacesuits. One could go visit Saturn and just col'-chill watching the rings and moons in their orbits. "Dreams, they complicate my life (dreams, they complement my life)" - REM - "Get Up"

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