Mar 5, 2009

The Ocean Holds Vast Wonders & Freaked-Out Fish!

The oceans of our Planet Earth are enormous, covering nearly 3/4 of our planet's surface, and 4-5 miles deep in places. It is a scientific truth that we know more about the surface of our Moon than we do about what lies in our oceans. The vast amount of undocumented marine life alone is mind boggling. Among these animals is the barreleye fish. Check it out.

Do you see it's "forehead?" It is a crystal clear "bubble," much like the cockpits of many helicopters! Insane! You can see right into it's brain! Researchers have catalogued this fish but had never noticed the clear dome, due to the poor state of the specimens brought up in fishing nets.

Inside the fish windshield, rounded lenses that top the tubular eyes shine green in the photographer's light. (Two dots over the mouth are not eyes but olfactory structures.) Seeing the fish alive finally solved the question of how they cope with the restricted vision of the tubular eyes. The eyes can move to look overhead or forward. - ( Susan Milius - Science News )

Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute have used a remotely operated vehicle to investigate living specimens and capture the image above and movie below. Amazing. The wonders of nature will never cease.

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