Jan 16, 2009


The Inner Life of a Cell, an eight-minute animation created in NewTek
LightWave 3D and Adobe After Effects for Harvard biology students. Created by XVIVO, a scientific animation company near Hartford, CT, the animation illustrates unseen molecular mechanisms and the ones they trigger, specifically how white blood cells sense and respond to their surroundings and external stimuli.
Nuclei, proteins and lipids move with bug-like authority, slithering, gliding and twisting through 3D space. “All of those things that you see in the animation are going on in every one of your cells in your body all the time,” says XVIVO lead animator John Liebler, who worked with company partners David Bolinsky, XVIVO’s medical director, and Mike Astrachan, the project’s production director, to blend the academic data and narrative from Harvard’s faculty into a fluid visual interpretation. ( Beth Marchant - Studio Daily )

This is a link to the website where the video is available in both HIGH and LOW bandwidth. You will not be disappointed.

HERE is a link to the narrated version of the video, which is a bit longer. Just click on the box that reads "for educational use only." It explains the processes you are witnessing in the video.

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