Jan 19, 2009


INPUT. That is what is missing. You may wonder, "Why does my brain always atrophy, leaving me uneasy and disinterested?" and -FUPPETS- has the answer. YOU LACK INPUT. Your brain is desperate for anything which stimulates it, feeds it, and encourages the formation of new ideas and thoughts. It is practically starving, damnit! The mass of information your brain fed upon in school was just the beginning. It is up to you to continue nourishing your brain with an info-rich diet. Otherwise get the fuck out of the way, and let those of us who choose to feed our heads take the lead, you backward's-evolving, soon-to-be-monkey loser.

THE VIOLENCE NETWORK: It's biased, gruesome, and totally compelling. How Al-Jazeera makes one American think differently about war - ( Eric Calderwood - The Boston Globe )

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MENDELSSOHN? - ( Norman Lebrecht - La Scena Musicale )

NOT YOUR FATHER'S CENSORSHIP: Quasi-monopolies and wary governments curb Web freedoms - ( Harry Lewis - The Chronicle Review )

ASSASSINS OF THE MIND: When Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa on novelist Salman Rushdie for The Satanic Verses, it was the opening shot in a war on cultural freedom. Two decades later, the violence continues, and Muslim fundamentalists have gained a new advantage: media self-censorship. - ( Christopher Hitchens - Vanity Fair )

TIMING IS EVERYTHING - ( Ian Bostridge - Standpoint UK )

PAINTING AND THE PLEISTOCENE: The Art Instinct author Denis Dutton on the arts as evolutionary adaptations. - ( Elizabeth Kline - Seed Magazine )

WHAT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING?: The Edge Annual Question 2009 - ( John Brockmann - The Edge )

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