Dec 4, 2008

The Moon Dances With Venus

Earlier, -FUPPETS- brought you word of a beautiful celestial grouping in the evening and early night skies.
In some parts of the world this grouping was even more dramatic, with the "dark side" of the Moon occluding the Evening Star, Venus, for a short period of time as both celestial bodies travelled through our Solar System.

In the above image, brought to us by NASA's Astronomy Picture of The Day and captured in Australia, one can see all the details. This is a composite image which is the only way to capture the faint details as well as the "dark side" of the Moon lit up by "earthshine," which is the light reflected off of the earth from the Sun, bounced off of the Moon, and reflected back to Earth.
Venus is super-bright and about to cross behind the circle of the Moon. In the inset image, from France, you can see Venus as it re-appears after crossing behind the Moon (from Earth's vantage point). In the top, right corner of the image you can see Jupiter and if you look closely, you can also see pin-points of light which are some of the Jovian Moons. Amazing!

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