Dec 4, 2008

-FUPPETS- Artist Of The Day

It seems that artistic freedom is not appropriate for the holidays. Every year, the "official" White House Tree (I have to say "official" because the White House, being the home of rich greed-head fucks, always has dozens and dozens of Christmas trees around) is decorated with individually crafted and decorated ornaments, from artists throughout the country. Usually, as was the case this year, the Congress is asked to submit some names of artist's in their constituency which could be then asked to make an ornament for the White House tree.
One of the names submitted was Deborah Lawrence, a Seattle artist who is extremely political, and extremely out-spoken in her beliefs that Preznit Bush is a criminal and should have been impeached from office. Her ornament contained images of her local Representative, Jim McDermott, who introduced legislation to impeach the Preznit, as well as tiny text reading "Impeach Bush," among other things, all over the ornament.

The White House specifically stated that the artists were to have the freedom to produce what they wanted within the theme of red, white and blue, and couldn't show it to anybody before it was shown at the White House.
Of course, her ornament was declined - the only one out of the 370 artist's chosen. You can read the full story here, from the website.

Deborah was still graciously invited to the reception held at the White House for all the contributing artists.
Speaking from the reception on Tuesday, Lawrence said she was happy to be
"I was afraid I'd be blocked at the door," she said, "but here I am. ... There are platters of roast beef, soft drinks and white wine, with a duet of pianists playing Christmas music. Even if my ornament were still here, I wouldn't be able to find it. There are too many. I'd like to get it back, but that's probably not going to happen. I've never seen so many Christmas trees, and I don't like Christmas."
What about the idea that a holiday tree ornament might not be the best way to address political issues?
"When else would I get a chance to do it at the White House?" she asked. "I'm happy (Barack) Obama is going to be president, but we have to hold Bush and (Vice President Dick) Cheney responsible for heinous crimes. If Bush shows up to this event, I'll tell him that. If Laura Bush comes, I'll say, 'I bet you're glad the last eight years are almost over.' "

-FUPPETS- admires the brass balls on this lady.

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