Dec 16, 2008


All Hail the Mighty Mighty Ludwig Van Beethoven, for today is his birthday!!!! -FUPPETS- is very glad to honor the birth of one of the humans who make life on this chaotic and nonsensical world not only bearable, but outright enjoyable!
Oh what a great present a bust like this one would make, especially atop a toy piano, with a little blond-headed prodigy with scant patience for the cares of others, and just his love of Beethoven's music to feed him through his days.

The bust above was made based on Beethoven's Death Mask. Quite morbid and fantastic.

Here is Schroeder from Peanuts taking cares of Beethoven's biz-nass.

For your listening pleasure, here is a choice performance of Beethoven's music.

Beethoven - Piano Concerto no.5 (part 1) : Performed by Claudio Arrau

Beethoven - Piano Concerto no.5 (part 2) : Performed by Claudio Arrau

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