Dec 1, 2008


Once the feast is done and the nourishment has been entered into the body the mind gasps for anything that will spark it to festive and relaxing contemplation, for the working of the mind is in itself a work of art, and what gets put in deeply affects the output, so see what you can get once you digest these select articles.

Garden of Contentment: In a toxic era, a Hangzhou restaurant pursues purity. (Fuchsia Dunlop - The New Yorker)

Patternicity: Finding Meaningful Patterns in Meaningless Noise (Michael Shermer - Scientific American)

You Do the Bath: From ancient Pompeiian baths to modern Swiss spas, there’s always been something dirty about getting clean. (Katherine Ashenburg -

He's Not Black: Our first Bi-racial President (Marie Arana - Washington Post)

Relax. You might just enjoy yourselvesL: Why are audiences at classical music gigs so uptight? Because the culture industry has its foundations in fear and shame (Guy Dammann -

A Surgeon You Can Swallow: In the future, tablet-shaped robots could perform some surgical operations without injuring the body. (Science Daily)

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