Nov 26, 2008

-FUPPETS- Video Spotlight *HOUSTON*

Since we are about to begin the best holiday weekend of the year, -FUPPETS- would like to give thanks to all the great bands and musicians from Houston motherfucking Texas that have graced our ears with sweet sweet tunes and sweet sweet skronk throughout the years.
We will be reaching through the archives to pull from a wide assortment of musical genres, touching upon the wide range of Houston music.

GETO BOYS - My Mind's Playin' Tricks On Me
(This is maybe the single greatest Houston hip hop track ever, by the greatest Houston hip hop crew ever.)

(Number 1 on the charts in 1968, this song just will not stop.)

JOHNNY "GUITAR" WATSON - I'm Gonna Get You Baby
(Johnny "Guitar" Watson was a blues giant in Houston and after a dry spell became a funk master. This number is from his 1977 album Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty )

PAIN TEENS - The Basement
(Houston in the late 80's early 90's was known for a certain brand of noise rock, a harsher, skronk-filled, nihilistic music. The Pain Teens were among the forefront of this.)

(There was a period of 5-6 years where, if you wanted to have a great fucking time at a rock show in Houston, you were guaranteed one with de Schmog. They always put on a fabulous show and had everyone dancing. Like a twisted Houston mash-up of the Talking Heads and a bucket of psychedelic mushrooms. This clip is from a reunion show.)

(The Mike Gunn delivered a full-force wallop of psychedelia and drone that was unmatched in the city of Houston. Amazing band. Like giants trodding the Earth.)

DEAD HORSE - Peaceful Death
(Always known for an underground metal scene, Houston had one band that rose above all others. Dead Horse shows were the most violent, aggressive, fucking awesome spectacles to be witnessed in the Bayou City, and always with a great sense of humor.)

(Coming out of the ashes of other local acts, the Suspects brought a great two-tone ska sound to Houston and played for years and years. Eventually their sound shifted to more of a reggae vibe, but this is an early performance from 1994 with their original singer Chris Kendrick.)

ZZ TOP - La Grange
(The undoubted kings of the Houston music scene, these guys have been at it for nearly 40 years and they still pack em in and rock the fuck out.)

(Houston has a long and proud psychedelic music history, and the duo Charalambides took it to a new level with their own brand of space-rock/folk.)

RUSTED SHUT - Step Up, Fuck Off
(what you are hearing is not altered. It is the mighty sludge skronk of Houston stalwarts Rusted Shut blasting the cobwebs out of your motherfucking mind.)

(began with the classic Geto Boys and we end with one of the newer wave of Houston Hip Hop artists.)

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