Nov 13, 2008

To Feel Weightless...

They call it the Vomit Comet, a massive, hollowed-out jet airliner used to train astronauts and to do earth-bound zero-G experiments. Anyone who has ever dreamed of being in outer space wishes they could experience the parabolas that simulate weightlessness by placing the plane and all it's contents into a free-fall, repeatedly. Here is a first-hand account of one man's incredible day aboard the specially converted Airbus airliner run by France's space agency CNES.
Tim Hepher has been a journalist with Reuters for 14 years, and now specializes in aerospace business in Paris. He describes a parabolic flight where he somersaulted weightless with space officials and politicians. - Reuters News Service
Here is the story from Tim Hepher, one lucky fucking bastard. -FUPPETS- is deeply jealous.

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