Nov 4, 2008

MAX ERNST - Mural On Exhibit at The Menil Collection

One of the true giants of modern creative thought, Max Ernst was one of the founding figures of Dada and then of Surrealism. His ideas touched not only on imagery, but also on the very tools and methods used to create such imagery. Most importantly of all, he was among the very first to truly explore the deepest recesses of the human mind/consciousness.

Among the many processes created or refined by Max Ernst are:

Frottage (the rubbing of pigment on canvas/paper placed atop textural materials)

Grattage (the scraping of thick paint off of a canvas)

Decalcomania (the blotting of paint between two surfaces, then peeling off one surface leaving behind the altered pigment)

The Menil Collection in Houston, Texas is offering a show of some seminal Max Ernst works. The Menil is showcasing a large 17 by 14 foot mural in oils from 1934 titled Petals and Garden Nymph Ancolie (Petales e jardin de la mymphe Ancolie). There are around 120 works on display, 80 of them coming from the Menil holdings. The DeMenils were avid collectors of Surrealist and dada art, as well as being close friends with the artists. It should be a wonderful and freaked out show.

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Sarah Jaynes said...

can't wait to check it out - thanks for the info, big guy!