Nov 20, 2008

-FUPPETS- For Readers V

-FUPPETS- has a direct pathway into the most hidden recesses of your mind. Your optic nerve is guarded solely by a thin and nearly translucent patch of skin you choose to call "eye lids." Those flimsy shits are not going to help you. Your retina is the receiver and your brain is the barrel of shit we seek to fill up with meta-web effluent.

Ashes to Ashes to Art: Including the Deceased in the Memorial Artwork (Natalie Pompilio - The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Student Adriano Graziani phones for opera ticket and is told: forget that– we can give you a starring role (Simon de Bruxelles - London Times Online)

Lulled By The Celebritariat: Exactly 50 years ago Michael Young published his famous dystopia “The Rise of the Meritocracy.” His son Toby argues that we never got the meritocratic educational elite predicted by his father, instead we got the celebrity class ( Toby Young - Prospect Magazine)

Smelly masterpieces: Why is great perfume not taken more seriously? (Agnus Trumble - London Times Online)

Frozen Scandal: our new growth industry (Mark Danner excerpt from New York Review of Books)

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