Aug 19, 2008

University Presidents Call For Lower Drinking Age

Around 100 University and College presidents are asking the USA lawmakers to consider lowering the legal drinking age back to 18 years from the current 21 years.
They claim, and rightfully so, that the current legal age for drinking does nothing to protect anyone and in fact makes binge drinking by 18-20 year olds that much more prevalent, especially on college campuses.
In a world where, at 18, one is legally able to marry without parental permission, legally able to register and vote for elected officials, legally able to enlist in the armed forces to kill and die for their country, legally able to drive, own a house, work full-time, etc., it is patently ridiculous and stupid and nearly pathological to require a person to reach 21 years of age in order to enjoy a cold frosty beer, or purchase a bottle of wine to eat with dinner.
-FUPPETS- wholeheartedly supports our learned University professors, and hopes their endeavor succeeds, and does so promptly. Let's hope that the ridiculous assholes in Washington D.C. truly take the time to analyze this issue and do what is right for the 18-21 year old ADULTS in this country.
Of course the extremely reactionary, (and understandably so) Mothers Against Drunk Driving are fully in a rage about this, but FUCK THEM. Let an adult decide what an adult wants to drink. More damage is done by surreptitious drinkers. This is what the University presidents seek to curtail.
The problem lies in that M.A.D.D. is highly funded, extremely organized, and has a lobbying group willing to suck the hair off the balls of every senator and representative in Washington to make sure their draconian ideas about free will and self-intoxication are the only ones that "matter" in this debate.
Here is a typical bullshit specious statement by the head of M.A.D.D.
"It's very clear the 21-year-old drinking age will not be enforced at those
campuses," - Laura Dean-Mooney, national president of M.A.D.D.

Now, how in the FUCK does the 100 or so University Presidents asking for the Congress to review it's current law equate to them not enforcing the drinking age at their schools? Typical bullshit fear-mongering. Most every drunk driver out there is way above 21 years of age. Most drunk drivers that kill or hurt people are over 21 years of age ( and NOT at University). There is not a single college campus that does not ask it's campus police to do what they can to stop under-age students from drinking, but the real issue is that NOTHING will stop a smart 19 year old from getting a six pack of beer!!!! Are these drunk moms that deluded?

-FUPPETS- votes YES.

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