Aug 19, 2008

-FUPPETS- Science Video Of The Day

-FUPPETS- brings you a quick video today, in which Richard P. Feynman, a -FUPPETS- favorite, gives a quick description of "confusion."
In science, as in any creative endeavor, it is when you are lost, or when you have very little idea what could happen, or what to do next, that the really great ideas come. Without confusion, without uncertainty, there is no advancement of knowledge. It has been said many times, but it applies to so many different fields.
An athlete knows that they need to straddle the line between comfort and discomfort, in order to achieve the truly great.
An artist knows that it is only when feeling confused, when feeling unsure of the next step to take, that the inspiration pushes towards a new creative work, a new idea, a new project of some kind.
A scientist knows that, whether in the lab or working in theoretical pursuits, it is better to be unsure, to be confused and all the stress and emotion that comes with it, than to be certain and comfortable. In science, comfort usually means you are not learning anything new, nor are you risking anything in your endeavor.
-FUPPETS- recommends confusion to each and every person out there, regardless of your goal/pursuit/field/endeavor. You cannot gain anything new without risking what you have already. You cannot learn anything new if you want to just stay comfortable with what you know already.
Here is the short video of Richard P. Feynman discussing "confusion." For most scientists, and especially physicists, "confusion" is their daily state of mind.

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