Aug 12, 2008


The good folks over at Brightest Young Things have published a two part interview with the skronk-meister supreme, the venerable and irrascible Thurston Moore, and skronk-buddy partner-in-crime number one Byron Coley.

The pair have teamed up to release a book called NO WAVE - Post Punk. Underground. New York. 1976-1980. No Wave was a flash of freak noise, a turbulent sonic orgasm in the swollen, seeping, infected anal sphincter of New York City. The groups that composed the No Wave scene were actively seeking to destroy music. They wanted to perform psycho-sonic-surgery upon the world and did so through what many people would call severely non-musical sounds. Those sounds paved the way for many of the most elemental and innovative and avant-garde rock groups that came after, including the -FUPPETS- Official Greatest Band Of All Time, SONIC YOUTH.

Here is the first part, an Interview with Byron Coley.

Here is the second part, an Interview with Thurston Moore

Long may the skronk reign supreme...

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