Aug 11, 2008

The Mütter Museum

-FUPPETS- loves the bizarre. It appears, so do the people of Philadelphia, PA.

The Mütter Museum, a part of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, houses some distinctively bizarre and esoteric items, almost all related to medical freak-outs. Their home page describes the Museum as "Disturbingly Informative."
That is exactly the kind of information I love! I mean, something very informative must have happened to this fucked up guy!

The website has an informative overview of the museum's charms, which include
  • Skeletons of a giant and a midget
  • Broken bones
  • Pott's Disease Skeletons
  • Skull Collections, including the Muniz collection of trephinated (holes cut in them) Peruvian skulls
  • "Brain Of A Murderer" - John Wilson hanged in Norristown, PA
  • "Brains of epileptics"
  • Longitudinal slices of the head, showing brain
  • Brain of animals arranged from tiny frog to man, often with eyes attached
  • Large collection of baby deformities. (!!!)
  • Hearing apparatti of mammals in butterfly collection-like cases.
  • Photo of Lyndon Johnson lifting his shirt to show off his gall bladder operation scar
  • Wax Renderings of Eye Disease Problems (!!!)

Man, I really need to take a road trip to see this shit.

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