Mar 8, 2011

A LIFETIME OF MUSIC 1973-2011 (part 13)

1985. One year past George Orwell's expiration date. It was a strange time. The USA was being ruled by a puppet government, using the ever-progressing deterioration of Ronald Reagan due to Alzheimer's Disease to achieve their own ends of avarice and mass-brainwashing. It was an ugly, ugly time for the mainstream arts, as greedhead assholes cut arts budgets and school budgets. It was a good time to be rich and white and powerful. It was a terrible time for anyone else. The truly creative felt this and unleashed their creations. The music was the medicine, or at least the soporific, that we all needed. PRINCE was at his manic funky pinnacle, and anything he touched was gold, but he was offering his death for your happiness. METALLICA brought us their ode to loneliness, death, and oblivion, allowing the metal-heads to "feel it." TIL TUESDAY sang about the oppression of an abusive relationship. THE CULT brought back the bombast to rock and roll, reminding us that pure raw sexlove can provide shelter from the world's shit, if only for a time. NEIL YOUNG sang about heroin's beauty and toll at a concert to raise money for Ethiopian starvation relief efforts. THE SMITHS sang about "illicit" love in the face of violence and hate. -FUPPETS- remembers it as a weird time.

PRINCE - I Would Die For You

METALLICA - Fade To Black

TIL TUESDAY - Voices Carry

THE CULT - She Sells Sanctuary

NEIL YOUNG - The Needle & The Damage Done

THE SMITHS - Hand In Glove

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