Feb 25, 2011

Ode to the Space Shuttle

Goddamnit -FUPPETS- loves the Space Shuttle. -FUPPETS- remembers grade school in Puerto Rico and being pulled out of class to see the Space Shuttle Columbia's exhaust trail as it arced into outer space. It is easy now for people to take the fleet for granted, even with the multiple tragedies, because the shuttles were and are so amazing. They made space travel seem easy, simple even. The successes of the fleet such as the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope and our current technological revolutions have made everyone forget how amazing it is to go into outer space. There have been less than 600 HUMAN BEINGS to leave our atmosphere!!!! EVER! FUCK! That is amazing and under appreciated. There are over 6 Billion people currently alive. There have probably been several dozen-Billion Homo Sapiens creatures crawling upon the face of our Earth. Only several hundred have ever left the safety of our atmosphere. They join the company of several dozen monkeys, dogs, mice, and assorted small creatures who have experienced what it feels to leave Mother Earth. -FUPPETS- hopes that this is not lost on the government and those in power as they plan the next fleet of vehicles to further the human expansion into Space.

On February 24th the Space Shuttle Discovery launched for the final time. It is a sad time for -FUPPETS- and all space nerds worldwide.

Feb 24 2011 - Final Shuttle Launch, Space Shuttle Discovery

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