Feb 1, 2011

-FUPPETS- For READERS XLIX: Vigilant Citizen Edition

-FUPPETS- has a soft spot for the Vigilant Citizen website. It is one of -FUPPETS- Favorites and always provides some very interesting food for the ol' grey matter. Here is a sampling of the essays/criticisms/articles available at their site. Vigilant Citizen's motto is "Symbols rule the world, not Words, not Laws." They understand that the people in power have only one goal for anything and everything they do. That goal is to STAY IN POWER, by any and all means available to the super-rich and super-powerful. If you do not understand this, or if you choose not to believe that the prime motivator of nearly everything in our human existence is that simple and basic, then you could benefit from a bit of an eye opening. With the ever increasing consolidation of all media markets, from print to film to radio to television to the Internet itself, the number of people who actually decide what most of us see/read/hear is ever shrinking. With such a monopoly comes a massive amount of power and influence. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. VIGILANT CITIZEN exists to help us fight back, at least in our own minds. From architecture, to media, to film analysis, here is a small sampling.

SINISTER SITES: The Denver International Airport

Mind Control Theories and Techniques Used By Mass Media

The 5 Most Sinister Corporate Logos

The Esoteric interpretation of Pinocchio

When insiders expose the ugly side of the entertainment industry

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