Dec 22, 2010

UNDERBELLY: Vacant bar as gallery

Mary's was the iconic Montrose bar, and used to be the centerpiece of the old pride parade, with countless drag shows on it's roof. It has sat vacant, up for sale, at it's corner of Waugh and Westheimer, and currently is serving as what UNDERBELLY terms a street gallery, with work constantly added, painted over, or altered on the outside walls.
Mainstream Houston sees this as vandalism, as the ugly markings and scrawls of hoodlums. -FUPPETS- does not. What is ignored is that these are creative works done by creative people who happen to use walls instead of canvas. Like all Art, some is crude, some is magnificent, and some is painfully ugly.
Here are the current crop of pieces up at Mary's as of December 20, 2010. UNDERBELLY exists to expose these transient works to the outside world, and will continue to update any new work added to Mary's bar.


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