Dec 15, 2010

A LIFETIME OF MUSIC 1973-2010 (Part 8)

1980. By now punk was dead, and bands started to use the new rock template to create new sounds, all of which would later be diluted and relegated to a few specific sub-sets of rock such as post-modern, new romantics, alternative, indie, goth, hardcore, post-modern, new wave, etc. Fuck categories. They are only good as suggestions, as vague ideas about what to expect from a band, but they DO NOT DEFINE THE MUSIC DAMNIT!
DEVO was warping minds and no one knew what to do with them. That is how -FUPPETS- loves it. FEAR was still bringing the fucking rage and honest hostility to the West Coast. No one ever did it better. GANG OF FOUR was post-punkin' their way out of England. Also out of the UK, The SPECIALS continued mixing punk and ska and whatever else their ears picked up.
Meanwhile, back in Texas, ZZ TOP continued their stomp-boogie accross the face of the Earth.

DEVO - Gates Of Steel

FEAR - I Don't Care About You/Beef Bologna

GANG OF FOUR - Damaged Goods

THE SPECIALS - Gangsters

ZZ TOP - Just Got Paid

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Scott said...

Bad ass live arrangement for the guitar part.