Dec 2, 2010

A LIFETIME OF MUSIC 1973-2010 (part 6)

1978. Shit was going CRAZY in 1978. Strange serial killers roamed the land in society's ugly backlash to the fairy-tale 60's. Talking Heads captured it perfectly with their upbeat paranoiac fantasies. Across the Atlantic, Joy Division was beginning their assault on the minds of the world with their first televised appearance. Back in the bowels of NYC, Glenn Branca was shaking shit up skronkilatin' on the guitar, feeding heads who would go on to explode noise rock. At their titanic peak, the Old Ones favorite band, Black Sabbath, was scaring the world.

"Fear and Chaos are the greatest fuel for Art" ~ -FUPPETS-

*(Down South, they just decided to get full-on weird. Embedding is not available for this but you have to check it out. The B-52's performing Rock Lobster live in Atlanta just months before the release of their first album. )

TALKING HEADS - Psycho Killer

JOY DIVISION - Shadowplay

GLENN BRANCA - live solo

BLACK SABBATH - Electric Funeral

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