Dec 23, 2010

-FUPPETS- In Memoriam 2010

2010 is almost over, and before it is -FUPPETS- wants to spend a little time remembering some of the people whose stay with us here on Earth made it better in some way, even if just by making us laugh. This is a highly subjective thing so if there's anyone you feel has been left out please comment below.


KENNETH NOLAND: American painter. Painted beautiful abstractions and was one of the "Color Field" painters. Died of cancer.

ANDREW LANGE: American astrophysicist. Self-administered death by asphyxiation.

J.D. SALINGER: American writer. Just plain old.


ANDREW KOENIG: American actor. Suicide, probably because people never stopped calling him "Boner."


MERLIN OLSEN: American Football Hall of Famer and TV actor. Cancer.

PETER GRAVES: American actor. Heart Attack.

COREY HAIM: American actor. Cause of death is undetermined.

HERB ELLIS: American Jazz guitarist. Alzheimer's Disease.


MALCOLM MCLAREN: English band manager and raconteur. Cancer

DIXIE CARTER: American stage, film, and TV actress. Cancer.

GURU: American rapper (Gangstarr). Cancer.


LENA HORNE: American singer, civil rights activist, actress, dancer.

FRANK FRAZETTA: American fantasy/science fiction artist. Died after a stroke.

RONNIE JAMES DIO: Heavy Metal singer. Died of stomach cancer.

MARTIN GARDNER: American science and mathematics writer.

JOSE LIMA: Dominican MLB player. Died after a massive heart attack.

ART LINKLETTER: Canadian/American TV and radio personality. Natural causes.

GARY COLEMAN: American TV actor. Died after an intracranial hemorrhage.

DENNIS HOPPER: American actor and director. Prostate cancer.


RUE MACLANAHAN: American actor. Stroke.

JOHN WOODEN: American basketball player and coach. Natural causes.

JIMMY DEAN: American singer, actor and businessman. Died of natural causes.

GARRY SHIDER: American musician (Parliament Funkadelic). Brain and lung cancer.

MANUTE BOL: Sudanese-born NBA player. Death from acute kidney failure.


HARVEY PEKAR: American comic book writer. Died after and accidental overdose of antidepressants.

GEORGE STEINBRENNER: American businessman and owner of the hated Yankees. Heart attack.

DERF SCRATCH: American musician (FEAR).


LOLITA LEBRóN: Puerto Rican activist and advocate fro independence.

CATFISH COLLINS: American musician (Parliament Funkadelic/James Brown). Cancer.


KEVIN McCARTHY: American actor. Pneumonia.

EDDIE FISHER: American singer and husband to endless Hollywood starlets.

GEORGE BLANDA: American Football Hall of Famer.

TONY CURTIS: American actor. Cardiac arrest.

Stephen J. Cannell: American TV writer. Skin cancer.


BENOIT MANDELBROT: Franco-American mathematician. Inventor of the Mandelbrot Set.

TOM BOSLEY: American actor.

BOB GUCCIONE: American publisher. Cancer.


LESLIE NIELSEN: Canadian/American actor. Pneumonia.


DON MEREDITH: American Football player and TV broadcaster. Brain hemorrhage.

BLAKE EDWARDS: American film director, screenwriter and producer. Pneumonia.

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART: American musician.

DENIS DUTTON: Academic. Creator of Arts & Letters Daily.

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