Dec 9, 2010

-FUPPETS- For Readers XLVII - Science Edition

47. The fifteenth prime number. The atomic number of silver. There is even a society devoted to exploring the preternatural appearance of the number 47 in all aspects of the Multi-verse.
-FUPPETS- loves science, but 47 articles is much too much. Here are just a few.

SpaceX launches the first commercial space capsule into orbit and returned it safely back to Earth - ( Tariq Malik - )

Black Holes and Warped Space Revealed by Powerful New Array of Radio Telescopes - ( Science Daily )

Theoretical Breakthrough: Generating Matter and Antimatter from Nothing - ( Science Daily )

A Science of Literature? Great idea, so long as we can get actual scientists involved - ( Chris Mooney - Science Progress )

Microbe finds Arsenic tasty, redefines life - ( Dennis Overbye - New York Times )

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