Nov 19, 2010

A LIFETIME OF MUSIC 1973-2010 (part 5)

The year is 1977. The psychedelic heyday of 60's rock has come and gone and a clean, polished, civilized type of adult contemporary rock starts to push across the airwaves. Music for comfortable 30-somethings is never what propels the rock forward. It took a bunch of dead-end street bums to bring the fervor, the rage, the joy of rock back to the kids. The older, jaded artsy types created a new way to make music. They were sick of "rock n roll." They were sick of people appropriating the blues world. In Australia, bands like the Saints and Radio Birdman spread the chaos. In NYC, Talking Heads had released their first LP and sought to inject humor and intelligence into their music.

The DEAD BOYS - Live at CBGB

SUICIDE - Ghost Rider

The Saints - Live at Paddington Hall

TALKING HEADS - Don't Worry About The Government

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