Aug 1, 2010

-FUPPETS- Video Of The Day

It is Sunday. It is the end of the week. It has been quite a long one here at -FUPPETS-, and this calls for an overdose of high-octane skronk and rock. Some people may choose to utilize soft, emasculated, cheaply sentimental drivel to get them relaxed, but not -FUPPETS- . No way.
-FUPPETS- wants it loud, heavy, fast, skreelicious, and with a large does of attitude if possible.

MR. BUNGLE - Carry Stress In The Jaw
One of the weirdest songs from the weirdest album of one of rock's weirdest bands. Words do not so justice to the insanity of Mr. Bungle.

ARCHERS OF LOAF - What Did You Expect?
This song is just such a fucking blast of anthemic rage. Like all great ragers, this is best played at a high volume.

The intro to this video sets the tone for the Butthole Surfers frenzied, hallucinogenic insanity. No one screams like Gibby Haynes.

PJ HARVEY - Long Snake Moan
A killer song from what may be PJ Harvey's heaviest album, To Bring You My Love. PJ Harvey is a goddess of ROCK and no one can compare. I want to hear her "long snake moan" too.

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