Jul 13, 2010

Houston CORPSE FLOWER Update

The Houston Museum of Natural Science has decided to stay open 24 hours a day until the infamous "corpse flower", Amorphophalus titanium, finishes it's once-in-a-lifetime blooming.

There is a webcam here that feeds live images of this incredible specimen.

-FUPPETS- will be paying a visit to the Museum today to catch a first-hand glimpse and whiff of this most remarkable flower. Full details will be forthcoming. This flower's bloom is very unpredictable, but it has grown to a height of over 60 inches, and is starting to show color on the edges of it's "petals." The intense reek of death it emanates is strongest for the first 2 hours after it blooms, but it remains stinking for up to ten additional hours.
Explorers in Sumatra thought, because of it's amazing size and pungent stench, that it was a huge man-eating plant!

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