Jul 14, 2010

Houston Corpse Flower Brings the Funk

-FUPPETS- made the trip yesterday to witness the putrid olfactory melange wafting from the Corpse Flower at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. (Click the images below to enlarge)

Even though the flower had not yet truly opened, the noxious smell of rotten flesh was still in the air. People from all over were there to see this monstrosity. It seems that either humans are curious about any morbid subject, or there are a lot of horticulturists and botany fans out there! The lines were long but not overly so. Due to the nature of this temporary exhibit, there were no signs or museum docents there to speak about the flower, so anyone who did not do their research (or read -FUPPETS-) beforehand was not going to learn too much about the largest flower on Earth. It was still an awesome sight, having grown 60 inches in less than two weeks.

Like Halley's Comet, or any other wonder of nature, it pays to be informed about what one is going to be looking at. It seems that too many people go through life unimpressed by the amazing shit in life because they expect an amazing experience, instead of just expecting a glimpse at something which is in itself an amazing thing. Oh well. -FUPPETS- was there.

In tribute to the Corpse Flower, -FUPPETS- presents the one and only UNWOUND, performing Corpse Pose.

UNWOUND - Corpse Pose

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