Jul 21, 2010

-FUPPETS- For Readers XLIV

Ahhh, the written word. It has maintained society and culture for millenia. The written word is such a powerful thing that the powers-that-be, whether religious or governmental, have always had a very deep interest in controlling the reading habits of their followers. Reading is knowledge dissemination. Knowledge is power. Understand this, and your life will be much better for it. You are what you eat (physical body) and you are what your brain takes in. Take in the good stuff every once in a while.

CLASSICAL MUSIC'S NEW GOLDEN AGE: Thanks to period-music evangelists, breathtaking virtuosity, and millions of listeners, the art form remains vibrant. - ( Heather MacDonald - City Journal )

PENN & TELLER INTERVIEW: Illusionists Penn and Teller barely communicate outside work – but after 35 years together they still create the most beautiful shows on earth. - ( Benjamin Secher - Telegraph UK )

THE ART OF SLOW READING: Has endlessly skimming short texts on the internet made us stupider? An increasing number of experts think so - and say it's time to slow down . . . - ( Patrick Kingsley - The Guardian UK )

DREAM LOGIC, THE INTERNET, AND ARTIFICIAL THOUGHT: Will computers be able to think again? And what Sigmund Freud would have to do with cyberspace? Internet pioneer David Gelernter predicts the next stage of development of artificial intelligence. - ( David Gelernter - The Edge )

NOVEL APPROACH: Reading courses as an alternative to prison. - ( Anna Barker - Guardian UK )

ALL RIGHTS UNRESERVED?: What if you could "copy" and "print" anything? - ( Frank J. Oteri - New Music Box )

FRAMING THE STORY: Illustrating for Harvey pekar, the comics genius who could not draw. - ( S.I. Rosenbaum - Obit magazine )

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