Jun 4, 2010

The World Needs PUBLIC ENEMY Now More Than Ever

It is the opinion of -FUPPETS- that what the world needs now is a mainline hypodermic full of PUBLIC ENEMY. What happened to outraged intelligent music? Oh yeah. . . the fuckers bought into the "fame" life-path, and therefore ended up singing about superfluous bullshit like how much money they think they have, how much money they think they spend, how many women they can pay to fuck them, how many ridiculously over-priced automobiles they can reference in a single verse. NONE OF THIS BULLSHIT MATTERS. None of it.
Chuck D once wrote some advice to any up-and-coming rappers out there. He said something to the effect that you must keep on learning new things, studying, reading, learning history, science, art, literature, because a mind that stops learning is a stagnant mind, and only stagnant rhymes will flow from a stagnant mind.
I think that not too many people took that advice to heart. It applies in rhyme as well as in life. Your brain is only as strong as what you put in it, and only as powerful as what you do with it. Mindless drivel over bullshit beats is the quick path to being easily forgotten.

PUBLIC ENEMY - Shut 'Em Down

PUBLIC ENEMY - Prophets of Rage

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